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The terms ‘welder codings’ or ‘coded welder’ have been used to demonstrate the competency of a welder, however the correct terminology for numerous standards is welder qualification or welder approval.

We can offer you accredited Inspection Body (type A) and Recognised Third Party Organisation (RTPO) qualifications that if you sponsor yourself you can also hold them in your own name.

We will also help you in determining the most suitable test(s) for you to produce to obtain the widest range of qualification(s)..

Our PED NDT Schemes are ISO/IEC 17024 accredited by INAB and we can support all the EN 9712 and CEN/TR 15589 approval routes.


Welding Personnel Certification

At WQiC we can offer you a fixed and affordable pricing structure to use our services.


Examples include:

We offer all the following:

Welder Qualification Standards

  • BS EN ISO 9606-1
  • BS EN ISO 9606-2
  • BS EN ISO 9606-3
  • BS EN ISO 9606-4
  • BS EN ISO 9606-5
  • BS EN 287-1
  • BS 4872-1
  • BS 4872-2
  • AWS D1.1

Welding Operator Qualifications

  • BS EN ISO 14732


Brazing Qualifications

  • Relevant industry sector standards


PED NDT Operator Qualifications

  • EN 9712
  • CEN/TR 15589 All Routes